Temporary Freeze on Book Donations

Light glinting off icicles

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wish our East Greenwich community a happy, healthy 2023. As we move into the new year, we want to thank our generous patrons for donating books and audiovisual materials to our ongoing book sale. We also have a favor to ask. We need to put a freeze on accepting donations for a little while, as we no longer have the room to store any more, nor the staff time to go through them. We will announce when we will be able to take donations again. In the meantime, you can donate your used books to:



Salvation Army

As a final word, we know that no one likes to throw books away. We don't either. But before donating, consider the condition and age (especially for nonfiction) of the book. Information has a shelf life, just like food. As far as condition, keep in mind that books with dust or other particulates on them can often be dangerous to people with severe allergies. If you happen to run across items like these, don't be afraid to recycle them. Soft cover books can go in the recycling bin. Hardcover books can go in the recycling bin if you take the covers off.