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Can meditation make you happier, healthier and smarter? Researchers are finding evidence of meditation's beneficial effects on the brain. Meditation allows you to increase your happiness and helps calm the mind’s constant chatter. Meditation strengthens your mindfulness which in turn enhances all aspects of your life. Studies show that when you meditate you tune into a consciousness that has many lasting benefits while also decreasing stress and increasing one’s wellbeing. This can produce significant changes in your brain and overall wellbeing.

Join Dr. Alan Post, long time meditator and chiropractic physician this engaging and powerful workshop.  

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Bio: Alan R. Post D.C. 

Alan R. Post, D.C., graduated with honors from Logan College of Chiropractic, holds a BS in human biology, a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, and a post-graduate certification in acupuncture. He is a past president of state and regional chiropractic associations, has served on university advisory boards, has consulted on Integrative Medicine programs and has traveled in physician delegations to other countries. Dr. Post has been meditating since 1976 and is one of 14 contributing authors of the 2012 landmark collaborative book entitled: Meditation as "Medication for the Soul" by best-selling author Rajinder Singh (now published in five languages). 

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