Where Monsters Dwell: Legends of Rhode Island

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Tuesday, October 24th @ 6:30 PM in-person in the EGFL Community Room

Where Monsters Dwell: Legends of Rhode Island

Dare you uncover the eerie secrets of monsters that hide in your very backyard?

Dive deep into the shadows with renowned outdoor explorer Michael Girard of 'Strange New England'. As he unravels Rhode Island's obscure and chilling monster myths, you'll be entranced by tales of forgotten creatures, sinister fiends, and menacing entities. These are the legends your textbooks dared not mention. So, gather 'round, settle into the night's embrace, and immerse yourself in a side of Rhode Island history that remains whispered in hushed tones.

About Michael Girard:

Michael Girard is a professional explorer, and respected member of the Nation Speleological Society (NSS) and the Explorers Club in New York. For over three decades he has delved into the heart of New England and around the world, uncovering its most enigmatic and hidden secrets. More than just an explorer, Girard is a passionate historian, threading together tales from long-forgotten epochs, rediscovering what once lay dormant amidst the vast forests, deep valleys, and towering peaks of the world.

His expertise as an ROV pilot has facilitated many an expedition, allowing him to venture into nature's darker corners otherwise untouched by man. This expertise, combined with his insatiable curiosity, has led him to unearth intriguing fragments of a past long obscured. These discoveries, often unexpected and perplexing, form the foundation of his aptly named collection: "Strange History."

Journeying through the unseen, Girard remains a beacon for those who believe that every place has a story waiting to be told.


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